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Welcome to the Video Viewers (or video plug-ins) page. Here you will find the perfect viewer that you will need to view Internet-video. Below lists links to some of the most popular video viewers on the Internet. Do not feel intimidated with installing more than one type of viewer. However, if you do not want to work with video viewers, and still desire to see Internet-video, visit our No Plug-in Required or WebCam Video Guides.

Major Video Viewers

Viewer Company Video Format
CU-SeeMe White Pines Software CU-SeeMe
FireViewer FirePad PalmOS
Flash MacroMedia Flash
mtv MpegTV MPEG for (Linux,Solaris SPARC, Dec-Alpha OSF1 V4.0, HP-UX, IRIX, BSD/OS, NetBSD, and SCO OpenServer), Pocket PC
Media Player Microsoft Corp Windows Media (formerly NetShow)
QuickTime Apple Computer QuickTime
RealVideo RealNetworks Inc. RealVideo
Speak Freely John Walker Audio software that can be combined with video

General instructions for installing viewers

STEP 1: Download the specific viewer to your system. It is a good idea to download the file to a temporary directory (or folder) such as \TEMP (if you don't know how to make directories read your Windows or MacOS manual).

STEP 2: Install the viewer on your system (for Windows 95, select START then RUN and type in the location and name of the file that you just downloaded).

Note: Some viewers may require you to uncompress the file first, then install. If so, most likely it can be uncompressed using a software developed by Winzip.

STEP 3: Follow the installation instructions presented to you. Afterwards, the viewer should be installed on your system.

STEP 4: You will most likely have to restart your web browser before using the viewer.

STEP 5: Return to our website and search for your favorite video website or clip.

STEP 6: Once you find the video link that you want, click on it, then sit back and enjoy!

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